Parish Council Draft Minutes 16 November 2021


Minutes of the meeting held on 16 November 2021

Present: Councillors Richard Atkins, John Broom, Pat Scowen, Dave Swinborne, Janet Rogers Parish Clerk, County and District Councillor Vic Thomson and six members of the public

  1. Chairman Councillor Broom opened the meeting and welcomed those present
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – Councillor Reeve sent his apologies
  3. Declarations of Interest – None
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 19 October 2021 – Approved
  5. Matters arising from previous minutes. Minutes of 21 September 2021 – Item 5 Councillor Thomson was waiting for a response as to why the boardwalk is showing on the road closure maps as being closed when NCC confirm no work is planned. Item 11 Councillor Scowen advised the presentation of Covid memorial plaque is being arranged by Clive Evans and Sarah Broom. Minutes of 19 October 2021 – Item 9 Emergency Plan Councillor Scowen handed responsibility for revision of the 2012 plan back to the Chairman. Item 12 Councillor Scowen requested a vote of thanks to Cathy Terry for designing and arranging delivery of the COP26 information leaflet. Agreed. Item 14Village Fete/Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration – Coldham Hall had suggested a hog roast/band/fund raiser event on either Friday or Saturday. Two residents had offered to be involved. No volunteer to organise another event as yet.
  6. Progress report for information on items not on the agenda: Chairman/Councillors/Clerk. Councillor Atkins reported a small working party will carry out clearance at the staithe on 5 December 2021. Canoeists who had shown an interest in helping will be contacted. The Litter pick will take place on the 9 January 2022. Another application for funding the repairs to the path to the Ferry was being submitted. Councillor Thomson stated this reapplication was by invitation. The Clerk reported that copies of all documents had been scanned and sent to Birketts Solicitors for advice regarding community use of the school field. SAMs data had been published on the village website. The monitor was on School Road from 20 October to 15 November There were 9864 vehicle movements during that period with 204 exceeding the speed limit. There had been no response to the advertisement re co-option of two councillors. Councillors will readvertise in the New Year Councillor Scowen asked what happens if there are no applicants? Note: Surlingham is allocated seven councillors. Decisions can be made if there are at least four present as the majority to achieve a decision is three. Less than four then the council cannot function and SNDC will appoint staff to fill the vacancies to make decisions on behalf of the residents. The Clerk read a letter from Clive Evans Volunteer Ambassador for Pricilla Bacon Lodge thanking Councillors and Rachel Hardingham for their support in loaning kitchen equipment, tables and chairs to the various tea/coffee and cake events which raised £5732.67 towards a new 24 bed hospice. Councillors acknowledged those thanks and congratulated Clive on raising such a remarkable amount.
  7. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor – Councillor Thomson reminded everyone to get their Covid booster and Flu jabs. Funding of £106 million has been provided to improve bus transport in the County. He continues to press the Flood Alliance to include Surlingham in the second tranche of parishes. Full reports see
  8. Public Question Time 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting. Residents were concerned at the disruption caused by the extended and in some cases unnecessary road closures. Councillor Thomson would look into this as County needs to work closer with the contractors who are responsible for the signs. He also suggested the website which shows road closures in more detail. There was a comment about pig slurry running into the river. Councillor Thomson said he would look into this. The Remembrance service was well attended and the poem read by Leading Hand David Evans RN was particularly poignant. Hedging needs replacing at St Saviours. Councillor Scowen advised it was not too late to apply for free trees/hedging and to contact the Tree Warden.
  9. Consider request for permission to install a food bank outside the Parish Hall – Agreed
  10. Consider make recommendations to SNDC a) to re name the short section of Pond Lane to Walnut Hill. b) to readdress 11/12 Walnut Hill to New Road. After listening to the residents involved councillors agreed the following. a) Rename the short section of Pond Lane to Walnut Hill. b) Remove the New Road Sign and replace with Walnut Hill. Place the New Road sign on the boundary of No 12 Walnut Hill. – Action: Clerk to notify SNDC
  11. Decision on request from Surlingham PCC for contribution to the village War Memorial/Lychgate – Councillors thought the quote was high considering what it involved. Councillor Broom offered to send a builder to get another quote, then the council will make a decision on the donation.
  12. Finance – Budget and Precept Setting to ensure the precept is adequate to cover increased costs for 2022/23 and also leave a contingency for unexpected expenses the councillors agreed to increase the precept to £9250.00. Payments – R Hardingham £126.67, J Rogers £366.01, Orange Fox £291.33, Zoom £14.39, 2022 Diary £4.99. Agreed and authorised
  13. Flooding – Councillor Broom would like to arrange a meeting of landowners and other interested parties including a representative from the Flood Alliance to form a plan to address where possible, flooding issues in the village.
  14. Decision on Emergency Leaflet – Councillor Scowen asked for amendments to the leaflet be circulated. It was intended that the leaflet would go out with the next copy of Eleven Says.
  15. Red Phone Box – Councillor Atkins advised the box was in a bad state. One of the hinges on the door is broken. It was not clear if it still has an electricity supply. Councillors agreed to offer it for sale. If there is no interest, then it will be disposed of. Action Clerk to place post on the village website.
  16. Date of next meeting 21 December 2021
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