New book about Surlingham. Ideal Christmas present

Since the publication of their book Second House on Left in Surlingham five years ago, John and Christine Glynn have been researching the history of the village from the Norman Conquest of 1066 to the time of the first Queen Elizabeth in 1600.

Now the fruits of their discoveries have been put into a full-length book entitled Surlingham in Time: Meeting the Medieval Ancestors.

As well as interviews with a selection of vicars of the period, they take an imaginary tour of the area in 1441, find out how life changed here as Normans took control of Anglo-Saxon Norfolk, trace the fortunes of the lords of the manor, and take an inside look at the poverty and prosperity of the Elizabethan village community.

The two churches played a pivotal role in medieval life. St Mary’s is still with us after a thousand years, while the evocative ruins of St Saviour’s are a cherished heritage. But now the round tower of St Mary’s with its 14th century bells is in dire need of renovation, to the tune of £130,000.

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