Update from Councillor Vic Thomson re Fibre to the property (FTTP) in Bramerton, Rockland and Surlingham

Please note Hellington is on a different exchange and is being covered in a separate scheme.Cory’s Close, Kirby Road is also on a different Exchange

This is a Government Voucher Scheme. Each property has a voucher for £1,500 and we collect the vouchers to fund the whole scheme. We need just over 50% of the properties to sign up for the build out of the whole scheme.

We are in a rural area and most of the area will have fibre cable on the posts to replace the current copper wires.

Broadband can come to your property in 3 ways:

ADSL. Copper wire from the exchange through the cabinet to your property. Slow, max 17 mbs.

FTTC. Fibre from the exchange to the cabinet and then copper from the cabinet to your property. Fast, maximum of 80 mbs download speed, the further you are from the cabinet the slower the speed.

FTTP. Fibre from the exchange, all the way through the cabinet to your property. Fastest and most stable up to 900 mbs.

The vast majority of properties in the 3 villages are FTTC and the speed you receive is determined by the distance you are from the cabinet.

If you have a BT phone line you can check your exchange by using this link

If you want to check your current service, Openreach have an online broadband checker here.

We have all the addresses and costings. The scheme is with the Government for approval to proceed. Hopefully I will be back very early in the New Year with more information about enrolling and details of the build out.

Have a Happy New Year and I will be back in touch early in 2022


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