Could you help host Ukrainian refugees?

‘Whilst the current Visa situation does not allow people fleeing from war torn Ukraine into the UK at the moment unless they have residing family members, our Government is meeting next week to address this.

There may be a need very quickly to find host families/free accommodation for Ukrainian refugees (mainly women and children) in the emergency, short and medium term until they secure their own arrangements.

There are a number of very active social media groups where Ukrainian refugee families are reaching out for host families/accommodation and where kind-hearted folk from all over the world are offering this help.

Here are two of the Facebook pages to join if you are interested in helping:

England: free accommodation/rooms for Ukraine refugees
UK Ukraine Accommodation

If anyone from the parish of Surlingham, Rockland or Bramerton is interested in offering accommodation and does not have access to social media please contact Sam Brown 01508 538905.’

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