No Mow May

Please join the Parish Council and support ‘No mow May’.  Leave your lawns and verges uncut to aid pollinating insects.

South Norfolk District Council is working to enhance local green spaces, by improving the recreational offer and their biodiversity value.

To help achieve this, mowing frequencies have been adjusted across local green spaces, decreasing mowing frequency from 18 to 16 annual cuts. Also leaving areas of grass uncut for longer to encourage a more diverse range of flowers and grasses. This will provide more food and cover for a wide range of insects, which in turn support birds and mammals such as hedgehogs and bats.

This approach was trialled on a number of sites in 2020 with excellent results. These wild patches thrived, full of colourful flowers including ox-eyed daisies, Bee orchids, Pyramidal orchids, evening primrose, selfheal, yarrow, lady’s bedstraw and various vetches, hawkbits, and speedwells. There was a noticeable increase in insects in these areas, most notably moths and butterflies

This year we are including more sites across the district and are encouraging residents to join in and do their bit to help the local wildlife too.

If you have a garden, consider leaving a no-mow patch and you could have your very own thriving mini meadow this Summer, or if space is tight then grow some wildflowers in pots and planters. 

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