What’s black but should also be green?

…. Charcoal.

Summer has arrived and the BBQs are GO!

Is your chosen charcoal sustainably produced, carbon neutral and locally sourced?

Alderfen Marshes lumpwood charcoal is produced in Surlingham using wood sourced sustainably during conservation work on the marshes (nothing goes to waste).

A mix of alder, goat-willow and silver birch wood gives a smoke-free steady burn with an even heat.

Lumpwood charcoal for BBQs is available in 2kg and 4kg bags for £8.00 and £15.00
Natural charcoal for fire-bowls and outdoor ovens is available in 800g packs for £4.00

Find us at the Surlingham School Fete on Saturday 18th of June (try our wild teas too!) or drop us a line to order. We’ll deliver within Surlingham, Bramerton and Rockland St Mary free of charge.

Payment can be made via PayPal before delivery or cash on delivery

Want to see how it’s made?

Keep an eye out on Surlingham.org for ‘Charcoal Evenings’ coming soon; we’ll be happy to show you how the charcoal is made (we use two different methods), look at where the wood comes from and how it is sustainably managed.

About alderfenmarshes

Alderfen Marshes offers wild camping, canoeing and rural skills workshops on the Norfolk Broads
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