Parish Council – Approved Minutes 18 October 2022

Surlingham Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held 18 October 2022

Present: Councillors John Broom, Phil Reeve, Pat Scowen, Pam Wilson, Parish Clerk Janet Rogers. County and District Councillor Thomson and one parishioner.

  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the participants.
  2. As this was the first meeting since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II the Chair invited those present to join him in a minute silence in her memory.
  3. Apologies and approval of absences – Councillor Swinborne
  4. Declarations of Interest – None
  5. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 19 July 2022 with a correction to Item 11. Traffic calming application also includes Village gates for Bramerton Road’. – Agreed
  6. Matters arising from those minutes – Item 6 AWA had not been contacted re flushing the drains/sewers – Clerk to follow this up. Item 9 Flood Plan the council’s intention of facilitating a meeting between landowners and the FWAG representative to discuss possible flood/drought land management measures was raised but the suggestion has been abandoned.
  7. Progress report for information on items not on the agenda: Clerk – A book of condolence was purchased, placed in St Mary’s Church and has been filed in the office. Framingham High School bus now following the original route. Sign re community use of school field has been installed – thanks Councillor Reeve. The field has been used over the summer holidays. Use is monitored to support renewal of the insurance next year. SAMs Machine – Request for volunteers was posted on on 22 September 2022 – No response to date. Suggest repeat post in 2023. Parish Partnership bid has been submitted for Village gateways on Mill Road and Bramerton Road and 20mph flashing signs outside the school. If the bid is successful, match funding of just under £6.5k will be required.   Councillors suggested the community may like to set up a crowdfunding account to help towards the cost. Clerk will pursue that option if the bid is successful. An application for £2k Grant from the Lovewell Blake fund towards cost of Road safety equipment has been submitted. Adnams Community Trust will accept an application for a grant – apply in 2023. Currently there are CIL funds available of £885. Play Garden – Eastern Play Services carried out H&S Inspection the report was circulated to councillors. Parish Hall – Portable Appliance Test is due this month October and a heater needs attention, Councillor Scowen is dealing.
  8. Co-option of Councillor – Mr Martin White was co-opted to the Council. Mr White sent his apologies he was unable to attend the meeting.
  9. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor – Item covered included South Norfolk’s move to Thorpe Lodge on 4 November 2022 pending the final move to the offices at Broadland Business Park. There will also be a small office in Diss and a mobile office to cover the more southerly area of the district. Also, mentioned were Adult Education opportunities, Warm Space Grants, help with energy costs, jubilee Trees project and the ‘Be Norfolk’ site promoting activities in the County. The full reports with contact details are on
  10. Public Question Time 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting – None
  11. Village Pond – Ownership of the pond was not progressed after the LR raised queries. Clerk to provide councillor Atkins with the paperwork and he will follow this up. The pond needs a tidy up. Councillor Atkins offered to cut the grass and asked for help from the community. The date for this to take place will be posted on and the village Fb page for volunteers to help.
  12. Revised Planning application ref 2022/1629 – no further comments
  13. Finance – Payments a) Ratify those for 20 September 2022 – R Hardingham £126.77, J Rogers £409.51. There were 4 purchases via the debit card: Postage Stamps £5.70, Gift Voucher for the groundsman £30, Hollinger print, Church Newsletter £40 and minute Press School field sign £13.26 – Agreed b) Authorise Payments 18 October 2022 – R Hardingham £126.67, J Rogers £386.76, Eastern Play Services £156, HMRC PAYE £263.60, Play Garden Rent £20. Debit card purchases: Condolence book £8.99, Memorial table signs £8.99 and Ink cartridges £12.24. Agreed c) Approve Quarterly Statement and progress against the budget – Agreed
  14. Parish Hall – Electricity – Councillor Scowen raised concerns about the increase in electricity costs for the hall. The current contract ends on 28 February 2023. As an example, costs to March 22 net of VAT were £6497. School Kitchen paid £2566 with the balance of £3920 paid from hire income. For that year the annual income was £6292 leaving £2372 for running costs repairs etc. Councillors asked the school to be notified that the cost of running the kitchen would increase from March 2023 and it is likely the hire charge for both the school and private hire will also be increased.
  15. Review/Approve the following Policies GDPR Policy – (Review) – Approved ,GDPR Privacy Notice and Information Audit- (Review) – Approved, Equal Opportunities Policy – (Review) – Approved Complaints Procedure – (New) – Approved, Press and Media Policy (New) – Approved
  16. Agree location of Covid Memorial Plaque – Councillors agreed the outside of the Parish Hall was the appropriate location
  17. Date of next meeting 15 November 2022

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