Pre-Application Planning Advice

Are you aware that both the Broads Authority and South Norfolk District Council offer pre-application planning advice? The Broads Authority offer this service for free.

They can answer your queries and confirm if planning permission is needed before starting work.  

There are many benefits to contacting the planning team prior to starting any work. There are instances where development takes place without the correct planning permission and this can lead, in some circumstances, to enforcement proceedings.

It is often the case that if preapplication advice had been sought, then the works might not have gone ahead thereby saving the householder time, money, and inconvenience, whilst where planning permission is not needed, it is always useful to have this confirmed in writing.

One of the main functions of pre-application is to give preliminary informal advice on whether a scheme is likely to be acceptable if an application for planning permission is submitted and to advise on any changes or amendments that would be needed.

Contact the Broads Authority

Contact South Norfolk Planning Teams

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