Parish Council Meeting – 20 December 2022 – Agenda


The Parish Council meetings are open to the public to observe, they are not public meetings. There is the opportunity for the public to ask questions at every meeting.


You are summoned to attend the meeting of Surlingham Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 20 December 2022 at the Parish Hall at 7.30pm in line with standing orders the meeting will close no later than 9:30.

                                                                                                          Janet Rogers Parish Clerk

Tel: 01508 538921


  1. Welcome by the Chairman
  2. Apologies and approval of absences
  3. Declarations of Interest
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 15 November 2022
  5. Matters arising from those minutes
  6. Progress report for information on items not on the agenda: Councillors/Clerk
  7. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor
  8. Public Question Time
  9. Correspondence – Theft of forestry equipment.
  10. Planning – 2022/2268 Eastfield New Road Surlingham. Proposal: 3 bay cart lodge. 2022/2301 – Land East Of New Road Surlingham. Proposal: Engineering operations to raise ground levels within the site. 2022/2279 – 2 Church Cottages Church Lane Surlingham. Proposal: Variation of condition 2 – design and removal of condition 3 – materials of 2022/1509. Application Type: Removal/Variation of Condition (S73 / S19). 2022/2250 – Manor House Bramerton Road Surlingham. Proposal: Variation of conditions 2 and 4 2020/1560 – change design and material of gates. Application Type: Removal/Variation of Condition (S73 / S19)
  11. Management of the Parish Hall
  12. Finance – a) Authorise Payments. b) Approve Precept 2023/24 application £11,100
  13. Footpaths – Wherryman’s Way – Stakeholders Meeting Update
  14. Pond – Registration Update
  15. Play Park – Maintenance plan
  16. Date of next meeting 17 January 2023
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