Fish Van Update

Good Afternoon all.

-Fish Van will not be with us tomorrow Thurs 2nd March (Can’t believe it is March already) and will be back with us next Thurs 9th March 1:30PM-3PM.

-The shop is full of goodies.

-The Patisserie Teles Patisserie are still offering their Winter Warmer Special offer of Soup, Bread, Cheese, a hot drink and cake of the day and will continue to do so.

-The drive down to the farm has been completely resurfaced and looking brand spanking new. We simply ask in order to keep it so and for the safety of others to go slow.

– If you have any literature to put in the shop of would like any posters up to support a cause please do contact us first via e-mail to or call 01508 538206 and we will be more than happy to discuss etc. Any posters put up without permission will be taken down.

Have a sooooper week all!

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