Greetings all from Yare Valley Farm Shop! Just a quick update now that the sun has snuck a few beams through.

Alec will be with us again this Thursday 23/03/23 1:30PM until 3PM along with a vast array of delicious fresh fish. He pops out his sign at the top of the drive to let you know when he is at the farm.

Some of you may have noticed we have had a few incidents of late with thefts from the shop. It is utterly heart breaking for us to discover people are taking advantage of our whole shop that is built entirely on trust. Rest assured we are doing our best to deal with this issue and have recently just had our whole CCTV system updated and may make some changes here and there which we will aim to notify you about. Because what it comes down to is the vast majority of you use the shop as it was meant to be, and we try to make it as easy to use and as convenient as possible with such features as being able to shop 8am until 9pm in your own time and a relaxed atmosphere.

So we must thank you again for you custom and support of our little village shop. As always, it is very much appreciated.

The shop is full to the rafters with ready meals, pizzas, beef (more fresh beef coming soon and we will let you know), veg, kitchen cupboard essentials, frozen fish, cheese, eggs, milk, Oil, choccys and snacks, Ice Cream, bacon and much much more.

Eggs seem to be in high demand with big supply issues again due to producers not bringing in new flocks to replace the previous years’. Yes Bird Flu has paid a part, but a bigger issue is major supermarkets etc are just not paying the egg producers enough to cover their own costs so that they are running at a loss, which is understandably not sustainable. The price may have gone up in many supermarkets, but that is not being passed on to the egg producers on the whole who have seen rises in feed, transport, heating etc so many are just weathering the storm with empty sheds. Our egg prices have gone up slightly due to rises that we have to pass on (currently £1.80 per 1/2 dozen), but our margins are very minimal so that we can turn over more to you of the essentials such as eggs and milk. We ordered 4x cases for delivery Friday, but have just been told we will only be getting 1x case as there is not enough to go around. And as we cant control amount bought with members of staff, we simply ask you only take what you need/ normally would buy.

The Patisserie is doing a wonderful job of continuing to offer special Portuguese/French style treats with their amazing Winter Warmer on offer. This is soup, bread, cheese, a hot drink and a cake for only £6.90! Due to the success of it they will be continuing the offer all year round with different names etc depending on the time of year and what they have on offer. Now that spring has oficially sprung, what better place to stop off on a walk around our beautiful area. Every now and then I think ‘A French/ Portuguese Patisserie on a working farm beside the Norfolk Broads. How utterly unique and lucky we are to have them.’ But then again I do sometimes wonder why orange Jam is called marmalade, if animals could talk which would be the funniest and if cereal is actually soup… so what do I know.

From everyone at the farm may we again take the opportunity to thank you for your custom and wish you all a very wonderful week


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