Can you craft a butterfly or two or three or more?

I would like to put together a display of butterflies to be showcased in the church alongside the flower display to mark the King’s coronation. It would be lovely if this could be a could be a community endeavour.

Any crafted butterfly: knitted, crocheted, origami, sewn, sculpted with modelling junk, drawn on paper and cut out would be welcome; the more the merrier.

You can drop your creations off at Mayfield, Ferry Road or in the church porch. I’m hoping to get so many that it will take me a week to put the display together so I’ll need them by 30th April. That’s just four weeks away so we’d better get cracking.

In addition to the butterflies and beautiful flower displays, there will also be a reprise of the knitted street party with a few extra additions and (fingers crossed) refreshments served on Sunday 7th May.

Let’s get the church looking really spectacular!

For more information, please contact Alexandra Evans on 538234

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