Easter Weekend at the Farm Shop

Greetings all you wonderful people.

It seems the days are getting longer, the sun is peeping out (a bit) and even though it is cold Summer is creeping its splendid way in.

We just thought we would tell you that over the Easter Weekend we are open as usual. Every day including Bank Holidays and weekends as usual 8am until 9pm so you can get all your goodies. Perfect for a stop off on walk to grab treats, drinks and ice cream etc and great for all your dinner ideas/ kitchen cupboard essentials.

Eggs are still difficult to get hold of, but we have made a few calls this morning and hopefully should have a good batch of local eggs in from Friday for your weekend endeavours and beyond.

Our Rare Breed Belted Galloway is in the fridges fresh, but be quick as on Sunday it will go in the freezers. Still just as delicious frozen, but if you are planning on buying a joint for example and cutting it up to freeze as you wish then probably best to get in before then. And wow are there some fab joints to be had.

There are calzones, pizzas, milk, oils, frozen fish, chicken, lamb, cheeses, eggs, veg, choccies and much more.

Now with the Easter weekend upon us Teles also have some exciting news. They periodically run a few alcohol licences throughout the year and they currently have one running which will end on Tues 11th April. Which means you can have a glass or port, red or white wine, brandy, beer and more sitting in the sun (hopefully) at the unique setting of the farm in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. What better way than to enjoy the Easter Weekend than with a sneaky glass on your walkabout.

As we are still technically cool they still have their Winter Warmer offer on too, which is a hot drink, soup and bread/cheese and even cake all for only £6.90. They will then still have an offer, but change it according to the time of year. They will be open all Easter Weekend 10am-4pm including Bank Holiday Friday 7th April, Monday 10th April and then off for a break on Tues 11th April.

If you need your fish fix this weekend too then there is no better place to stop that at the farm tomorrow Thurs 6th April. Alec will be here between 1:30pm and 3pm with his fish van and a huge array of delicious fish. So good to be able to have someone in the know talk you through what is on offer, cooking ideas and perhaps even to try something new. For example, before we had the fish van here I had never tried Skate, and I must say… I am converted.

Either way, whatever you do… have a sooooper weekend.

Big waves from the farm 🙂

Here is a terrible Easter Joke for you…

Why did the bunnies go on strike?

Because they wanted better celery.

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