Traffic calming – public meeting report

Thank you to everybody who attended.  This was an active and energetic meeting with a great many concerns, ideas and potential solutions suggested.

Primary concerns raised were around parking in the village and road safety.
There was strong village support for a village wide 20 mile an hour speed limit.
The outcome of the meeting was that a road safety committee would be formed to carry forward and to look into the  detail of the concerns and ideas raised at the meeting.
Thank you to the following villagers who have put their names down for the road safety committee: Dave Webb, Yvonne Johnston, Natasha Dunlop, John Stokoe, Pat Scowen.

We are also collecting the names of villagers who would be happy to volunteer for a community speedwatch.  We have only one volunteer so far therefore further names are needed if this is to go ahead.

If anyone else would like to be involved in the committee or community speedwatch please contact one of the committee or parish council members.

The committee will report to the Parish Council.

Please click here for more information.

Information supplied by Natasha Dunlop

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