Anglian Water – 04:50 update

Repairs late last night have been successful and water is returning to the network.

When your water supply is restored it may appear brown or be white cloudy water, this may take a while to clear and we are carrying out flushing to minimise this effect. The brown colour is caused by the disturbance of iron sediments in the water mains as the pipes refill. The White or cloudy water is caused by air becoming entrained in the water as we restore pressures to normal . Both should be short lived and both are harmless.

It is still likely to take several hours before it reaches every customer. If you need more water in the meantime the alternative supply locations have been fully restocked and can be found in the following places:

Bowser/tank locations:
• The Mermaid Inn, Norwich Road, Bungay, NR35 2LB
• John Hurrell Garden Machinery, Old School Building, Kirby Road, Kirby Bedon, NR14 7DS
• Norwich & District Parabellum & Full Bore Club, Surlingham, NR14 7GL
• Cut Loke, Covey Lane, Surlingham, NR14 7AL
• Threeways, Gull Lane, Framlingham Earl, NE14 7SD
• Subaru Service Centre, Brooke Industrial Park, Brooke, NR15 1HJ
• Hall at 4 Trinity Hospital, The Street, Shotesham All Saints, NR15 1YW
• Poringland Primary School, The Footpath, Poringland, NR14 7RF (Bottled Water – ONLY)
• 21 Upgate, Poringland, NR14 7SH
• Saxlingham Primary School, Church Hill, Saxlingham Nethergate, NR15 1TD
• White Lion, The Street, Brooke, NR15 1JW
• Seething School, School Road, Seething, NR15 1DL
• Springfield, Brooke Road, Seething, NR15 1DS
• Surlingham Primary School, Walnut Hill, Surlingham, NR14 7DQ
• Cadey Leisure, 12 New Inn Hill, Rockland St. Mary, NR14 7HP
• Gull Inn, Loddon Road, Framingham Pigot, NR14 7PL
• Village Hall, Crookes Road, Bergh Apton, NR15 1BL
• The Royal Oak. The Street, Framingham Earl, NR14 7JT
• Railway Tavern, Norwich Ropad, Framingham Earl, NR14 7AB
• Village Hall, Steward Close, Saxlingham Nethergate, NR15 1AJ
• Lightpath Trading, The Street, Topcroft, NR35 2BL
• Village Hall, The Street, Rockland St. Mary, NR14 7ER
• Crown Point Public House, Kirby Road, Trowse, NR14 8RN
• Framingham Earl High School, Norwich Road, Framingham Earl, NR14 7QP
• Three Rivers Veterinary Surgery, The Street, Poringland, NR14 7RP
• Kings Head Public House, Norwich Road, Brooke, NR15 1AB
• The Three Horsehoes Public House, Alburgh Road, Hempnall, NR15 2NS

Information received from Anglian Water web site

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