Peahen owner? – update

The Peahen has been living in different gardens for around 12 months and is looked after by local residents.  Nobody seems to know where it came from but advice has been taken on its welfare.

Information received from John Stokoe and Dawn Tetley.

I have noticed a Peahen hanging around some properties on The Street. I spoke to one of the residents and they said the peahen did not belong to anyone in the vicinity. Although she was given some food I thought I would find out whom she belonged to and I am concerned for her safety as she wanders across the road and cars drive very quickly at times. I was wondering if anyone knew of someone in the area who owned a peahen that was missing? She can fly quite well so could have flown across from Brundall area. Any help in locating her home would be gratefully appreciated.

Use contact us if you have any information.

Information received from Donna Roffey

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