Just a quick one…

Indeed, it is a picture of a fridge, but a fridge full of goodies. We wont keep you long, we just thought we would tell you the treats in store for this weekend. Never mind the rain. It may wet your clothes, but that never dampens the British Spirit… you need hail for that.

In the Fridge we have fresh in today: Lots of local cheese, new Norfolk bacon from down the road plus the bacon we had in previously due to popular demand (and threats by one customer… you know who you are :-). That is what we are here for… to be shouted at.

But seriously, any time, any comments are gratefully received so we can make it the best experience and little shop for you just drop us a line HERE and let us know. We have already found the comments you have left us in our comments book at the shop very helpful.

Norfolk apple juice, Norfolk yogurt, salami, jerky, chorizo, sausages, lamb chops, chicken breasts and chicken thighs.

In the freezer:

Lots and lots of wonderful beef, reared here on our farm and hung for 26 days for its wonderful flavour, ice-cream, Norfolk ready meals, sausages and more.

Veg in today:

Bunches of beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, carrots, parsnips, red onions, white onions, potatoes, butternut squash and cooking/eating apples. Eating apples… this implies to me that cooking apples are just for cooking and you don’t eat them. Well you do, and they are very popular and delicious.

Plus eggs in first thing in the morning (duck and hen) and we will have some fresh filter coffee on for you.

Don’t forget our kitchen cupboard essentials of tea, coffee, pasta, rice, jams, chutneys, Lentils, Vinegar, stock cubes (chocolate… some say is an essential) and more.

We hope to see you down at the shop. It is a wonderful walk through the farm track from Mill Road cutting through the farm (stopping at the shop and buying an armful of goods first we insist) to the Covey. Turn right with Wheatfen making a great walk, or carry on to Rockland with the stunning view over the Yare Valley and river.

And whatever you do, from all of us at the farm, have a wonderful weekend.

Kindest regards as always.

Tim, Will, Tom, Glenn, Spud and Angus.

The Grange, Surlingham NR14 7AL

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