How do bunnies stay fit? They eggercise.

Yes, that is really the best we have got, and no, we dont really get it either.
We had some very flash photography done this week for the shop and oils and general farm shenanigans. I must say, the asparagus does look very tempting, and does go very well with our oil and infusions, whether roasted, grilled, steamed, boiled or stuffed up one of your nostrils. Only joking… I wouldn’t dare boil them.
(No we dont really endorse putting asparagus up your nostrils). …In other non nostril related news we still have a wonderful array of produce at the shop. Tomorrow lots of choccy, salted caramel, vanilla and strawberry ice creams will be arriving as well as veg, cheeses, sausages and more.
For snacks and enjoying a peaceful stop we have our crisps, brays pork pies, hot and cold drinks, free wifi and much much more. Dont forget to top up your rapeseed oil from any of our refill station infusions, try our delicious farm reared beef and generally, just have a super time.
We will be open as usual all weekend 8am-9pm inc bank holidays. NR14 7AL for the covey entrance by foot and nr14 7gd for the long drive entrance by car or foot, you are more than welcome to cut through the farm by foot either side, but only if you stop at the shop and spend a few thousand pounds 🙂
From all of us at the Yare Valley farm, do enjoy your Easter break, whatever you are doing.

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