What do you call a sad strawberry? A blueberry.

Now if you did not laugh at that then you have a heart of ice… ice I tell you!

This week I will spare you the bad jokes. Well any more bad jokes…

This weekend we have the first local strawberries of the season, more fresh local asparagus, homemade apple cake, single cream to pour on your wonderful strawbs, yoghurt, chocolate, eggs, pork pies, bacon, cheeses, lots of fresh veg and more more more.

You know where we are, you signed up to the newsletter, unless someone put your email address down for a laugh. In which case, you should thank them as it is a jolly nice place to be.

Oooh! We also have some new additions to our kitchen cupboard essentials now. Noodles, quinoa, cous cous, lots of herbs and spices, olives and more so that you can make much more of a complete meal from everything within the shop.

Should be a great weekend. Whether you need to rest those feet with a refreshment, buy a local gift or make a wonderful meal we will be here everyday 8am-9pm. NR14 7GD

As always, have a great weekend.

Why were the little strawberries upset? Because their parents were in a jam!

Sorry… couldn’t help myself.


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