American friends

Most visitors to come from the UK, but we do get a trickle from overseas. A couple of weeks ago we asked if any regular visitors would like to tell us who they are. We were delighted to receive the following two replies from the US, from Ethan and James Duewell. You may encounter the Duewells on their next holiday here, but if anyone would like to get in touch with them in the meantime use CONTACT US and  we’ll pass it on.

James says: ‘James, Brett, Mark and Ethan Duewell, lived in the Cabin at the top of the hill. Grandparents were Ernest and Clair Evans of formerly Karibu, the house next to the Rector Mr. Foots house. We lived in Surlingham from 1967 to 1969, and went to school in Surlingham, Mrs. Parker was the Headmistress. Surlingham was the most wonderful place in the world to grow up in for a little boy. We all live in the US now, 2 in California, 1 in Oregon and 1 in Missouri.

We all try to stop in Surlingham when we visit England. The Yare and Coldham Hall always seem to be favorites of the nephews and nieces, and the older folk like walking the Broads and the Church. ‘

And Ethan says: ‘I live in the city of Turlock, California in the United States. I lived in Surlingham for a year when my father (US Air Force) was stationed in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He had met my mother (Stella Evans, a nurse at The Norwich and Norfolk ) at The Sampson and Hercules in Norwich. She at that time lived with her parents in the thatched cottage (Karibu ) at the bottom of Walnut Hill next to Reverend Foote’s bungalow. We eventually lived (my mum, three brothers and I) in a house then called the Chalet about halfway up the hilll on the right and attended Surlingham Primary. Throughout my youth, my mum and I returned to Surlingham every few summers to stay at Karibu with my grandmum. Favorite things for the Duewell Boys to do that year were visits to the rifle range to dig for bullets and collect shells and playing at the old ruined church. My uncle Matthew Evans for years lived one house up from Karibu with his wife Sheila and daughter Sarah. For a period of time he owned and ran The New Inn in Rockland St. Mary. I still try to get “home” as often as I can and will always spend a day wandering the lanes and fields of Surlingham with mandatory stops at the church to visit my grandparents memorial, the old church, the rifle range, the circle, The Ferry, and Coldham Hall.’

Reproduced with writers’ permission


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1 Response to American friends

  1. surlingham says:

    Can you please pass on to James and family our American friends.
    I remember you guys at Surlingham school. I was a bit younger in Mrs Littlewoods class, but we were all in ore to have American’s at our school with your strange accent. I remember you doing a bit of ‘show and tell’ and bring in a baseball bat or something. Surlingham was a wonderful place to grow up. My three sisters and me always like returning and visiting the same spots. The rifle range and digging out bullet’s, I think everyone did that. We went further and melted the bullets down on a open wood fire! All the best,

    Ian Kirkham

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