Q: What do you call a cow with no legs? A: Ground Beef

Tasteless joke I know. Unlike our beef. .. see what I did there.

But seriously.
The latest selection of our farm reared beef has arrived fresh in today! We have wonderful cuts for your BBQ this weekend (you are having one, we insist) including ribs, beef sausages… yes I said beef sausages. Delicious. Burgers, slow cooking meats, joints, many many steaks and much more. There are also pork sausages from the farm and lots of joints in our freezer so do some have a look.

Well. There is not really much more to say. Oh no wait… we have had a whole new rebrand on the oils. New infusions, new sizes and new prices. A must see and must try. We still have our refill station too. Simply buy an empty bottle for £2 then fill it with the original oil for £2.50 for 500ml then next time you just have to fill up using the same bottle, but only pay the £2.50 for the oil

Finally we have a competition.

Competition time: To celebrate our new re-brand here at the shop (plus all new sizes, infusions and prices) we are offering a gift box selection of 3x250ml of our oils. Now. In our shop above the picture of the tractor near the ‘feed me hole’ is a photo of three men looking at the shop as it is being built. The chap on the left is wearing a hat. Simply tell us the colour of his hat and you will be entered into the prize draw. 1 winner will be picked at random. Simply email your answer to info@yarevalleyoils.co.uk stating your name. Best of luck! Comp ends Tues 30th May.

Have a great weekend. In case you hadn’t noticed, it is hot out there!


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