A wet but wonderful week at the Norfolk show comes to an end, and we discover we have won an award

After a judging at the shop last week we have just been informed we have been awarded Best Specialist Food and Drink Producer. Which, means the absolute world to us.

We had a great week at the show, many braved the weather and it was a great opportunity to network and show our new branding and products

Soon we will have assurance stickers printed and put onto the beef and things that we produce as we know how provenance is important to us and many others, and this way you will know each piece of beef you buy with the mark has come directly from the farm.

In the shop we will have more salad and courgettes from down the road in Bramerton, the wonderful Aldis and Sons have been keeping us topped up with veg, local strawbs from Tacons and much more. We now have baskets in the freezer to separate clearly all the wonderful delights on offer and means no more leaning in! We also have hay. If you need to get in touch for large orders or need some just call us on 01508 538206. £4 per bale.

We have also been looking for another freezer to move the veg to the centre of the room and in the freezer have the icecream, local ready meals and after speaking to Pye Bakery from Norwich some local bread and pastries. Do let us know if you think this is a great idea. But by freezing from fresh all you will have to do is defrost it and have a wonderful delicious and local range of bread.

If you would like to vote in the Norfolk Food and Drink Awards just click here(but only if you vote for…. no… we wont be cheeky and say it. Vote for anyone… as long as it is us 🙂 )

Do also click on our social media links below as we are always annoying people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in between newsletters.

Hopefully see you at the shop and have a wonderful weekend

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