Apparently we will be in for a hot one this weekend… We may even get some warm weather too…

6th 0ct 2017 4

Plus. It is Friday the 13th… if you believe in that kind of thing… Mwhahahahahaha!

Much the same wonderful things in this week as last, see below:

Firewood: Even though this weekend speaks of warmth those night will close in and cold snap catch up with us. It is local cured wood and is being sold per bag in the shop for £3. We can also do a tonne of wood delivered to your door for £120 which includes free delivery for people in a ten mile radius or less. Anyone over this 10 miles will have to carry the tonne of wood home themselves by hand… Oh wait, I am being told we will simply charge a few gold coins more if you are outside of 10 miles. Click here to enquire or call the farm on 01508 538206

Bakery: Now this is exciting. You simply have to defrost these baked goodies and enjoy(or frozen if you like a wheaty icelolly). In we have focaccia, ciabatta, sourdough baguettes, sour dough loaves, brown and white loaves, buns, croissants and pan aux chocolates. It really is superb bread and well worth a try. Think crusty ham baguettes, garlic bread, dipping buttered crusty break into leek and potato soup, a toasted crosissant or pan aux chocolate with a nice morning cup or tea or coffee….

Recipe Ideas: This time of year is all about delicious hearty comfort food and you must try slow cooking our braising steak or shin of beef. Wonderful flavours and well worth the wait. Simply throw in your slow cooker or pan some veg, stock and beef, perhaps some potatoes and herbs and leave on a low heat for a few hours and serve with piping hot mash, dumplings or whatever else you so fancy.

Beef: We must say, even if we say so ourselves that the beef we produce here right on the farm and sell from the shop is superb and excellent value and it is something we are very proud of. Look out for the Yare Valley Sticker on the product to know it has come from here on the farm. This weekend we will have some fresh beef in the form of joints, steaks and more in for you and will be frozen in the shop freezer Sunday evening for you to continue enjoying. There are lots of other cuts of beef too in the freezer as well as chicken, pork, bacon, sausages (if you have not had a beef sausage you must try some), fish and more.

Veg: Believe it or not Halloween will soon be here and as well as providing an entertaining form to carve funny and disturbing faces from there is a wealth of uses for pumpkin in you cooking. Pies, stews, cakes and more. It is both healthy and local, coming from Straight From the Field in Bramerton who have also dropped in some stir fry mix and spinach for us as well as these very large and beautiful pumpkins. Romanesque, carrots, onions, tomatoes, leeks, our huge bags of spuds for only £4 a bag, cabbages, sweetcorn, squashes and more adorn our veg section.

Any questions simply click here or drop us a line via

From all of us at he farm, have a wonderful weekend.

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