Surlingham water issues – update

Dan Ladderman, an Anglia Water manager has explained that the problem is related to a main in Sallow Lane, close to the junction with Kirby Bedon Road.  Thursday night a team worked to repair a burst but because of the way the pipes were fitted (badly? inadequately?), it took them until Friday to complete.  Previously the pipes had been repaired and he accepted it was frustrating that problems had arisen again.
Mr Ladderman said the fault was separate to the roadworks on Kirby Bedon Road, close to Sallow Lane.  The works which finished two weeks ago were to make test holes to explore and identify the cause of the continual problems along that stretch of main. He said the continual problems were such that they hoped to relay the whole stretch of pipe but it was a matter of competing priorities and cost.
(According to Apple Maps the Manor the closure of Bramerton Lane will last until 20th February-Ed).
Information received from Nick Francis
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