More updates on roads fri 10.10am

Re access to/from Norwich.
I am getting reports that people HAVE got into Norwich this morning but it is (their words) ‘dicey’.  A report from Walnut hill says a van driver  has just come from Norwich via Bramerton and  reports ‘slightly tricky bits’ and ‘not as bad as yesterday’.
another report follows – see details below
‘Hi – (I went out @ 7:30am today, returned 8:30am) – the roads aren’t blocked. However I’d say unless you have high ground clearance in your car, (e.g. 4×4) you will hit some problems as snow is piled high in the middle of the roads (due to wind) and this is catching the underside of the cars engines and combine with poor tyre grip = stuck. I helped quite a few other people dig out / push regular cars because of this, if the wind stays it’s going to keep piling up and the will get stuck. The roads at these points are single track so no means of getting around.

Top of Pratts hill to hairpin bend – passable in a 4×4 only
Surlingham to Bramerton (past Winbirri) is the worst – it was passable at 8:30 but likely to in fill again.
200y later Surlingham to Bramerton (before the first 30 sign) 20ft stretch of snow, passable but don’t stop in the middle of it!
Kirby road (near Hurrels) drifting across the road. Again it was passable but likely to get blocked – lots of people helping to dig cars out.

Bottom line – if you have to go out, go in a 4×4.
I was told by another driver Bramerton to Rockland was impassable (he came via Surlingham as alternate route)’

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