Greater Norwich Local Plan

The map of Surlingham recently posted on showed sites which have been submitted in response to the ‘call for sites’ which is an early phase in the develpment of a local housing policy.  Landowners can submit a site for consideration by the local planning authorities (Norwich, Broadland, and S.N.D.C) as a possible development site. Planning permission is not sought and no plans are submitted at this stage. This ‘call for sites’ is part of the Consultation which is currently open for comment on 6 possible options the GNLP is considering for future housing development. Notices to this effect have been posted on, as has information on the road shows in the area at which planners are in attendance to answer questions.

5 of the 6 options being considered for future housing development focus on areas which don’t include Surlingham; only 1 option focuses development within a circle around Norwich which would include Surlingham. Surlingham residents might wish to take part in this consultation.

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