Mothers Day!

joaquim mothers day

Mothers day! What do you mean Mothers day?! Every day is blooming Mothers Day! Only joking. Plus, we wont get into the argument of whether there should be an apostrophe in there or not.

Either way Joaquim will be here this Sunday 11th March from 10am with lots and lots of wonderful goodies for mum (but mainly for you) and if you are you and you are a mum, well that is just the best of both world isn’t it.

Side Note: Just for equality sake we would like to mention men, including all dads are also allowed to buy pastries this Sunday also. However over indulgence is not permitted.

We are still selling (giving away) the last of our old branded stock within the farm shop for the princely sum of just a donation of your choice. All proceeds from the sales will go the Trussell Trust Food Bank in Norwich tackling poverty and hunger within the city, a fantastic cause we hope you will agree. The oils are just as delicious but have a slightly shorter best before date (august this year). We would love as many of you lovely people to get involved in this as possible and help us help others slightly less fortunate out a little………

Lots of bags of spuds and firewood too! We also have veg in and more frozen fresh bread, lots of bacon and even:

ANY 2X LIP BALMS FOR ONLY £5 (Now that is a great gift idea)

We also now have a Blue Food bank box in the shop we aim to keep as a permanent feature. So do pop something in if you so wish and it will all be donated to the Foodbank.

To find us, use NR14 7GD via Mill Road by car foot or cycle or NR14 7AL by foot or cycle from The Covey. Our farm shop is open 8am-9pm every day (weekends and bank holidays included) to complete your shop with lots of local goodies.

See you soon.

Kindest regards as always from everyone at the farm.

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