Dog Poo raises it’s ugly head again……

The Parish Council have two more bins on order one for the Common and the other by St Marys Church. However, the problem at present is the footpath by the allotments and down towards the Ferry. Residents wanted the footpath cleared, a volunteer was found and a good job he is making of both the footpath and the playground.

He hadn’t expected to have the mower and himself splattered with dog poo in the process. The downside is he will be put off doing the job, then the path will become overgrown and impassable. A dog owner himself he is forever clearing up other owners dog’s poo on his walks. One day this week between the Willows and the Ferry he counted 8 piles and did not have enough bags to clear them all. That is what you call public spirited. As for the Covey……..well that’s yet another area where irresponsible dog owners walk.

Dog poo is dangerous can cause blindness, it’s dirty on childrens shoes, bikes and buggies. It can be fatal for farm livestock and it is illegal to not clear up after your dog.

If you see a dog owner not clearing up after their pet offer them one of your poo bags.


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