PCC Lorne Green – launches a public consultation


PCC Lorne Green has launched a public consultation on whether he should assume the governance of the county’s fire & rescue service, becoming Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk.

Message from your PCC
“Last year, a new legal duty for emergency services to collaborate came into force. That legislation provided PCCs with the opportunity to explore whether joint working between police and fire & rescue could be made simpler, faster and better.
“Could we cut duplication and bureaucracy, reinvigorate collaboration and move joint working further and faster for the greater efficiency and effectiveness of our emergency services and, most importantly, the communities they serve? The answer from independent experts was yes.

“Having considered all the evidence provided to me in a thoroughly researched business case, I strongly believe there is a case for change and, this week, I launched a public consultation on whether I should assume the governance of Norfolk’s fire and rescue service.

“The fire service is currently governed by the County Council through its Communities Committee, which also oversees libraries, museums, archives and arts. Under the proposal, upon which I’d like your views, I would become the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, responsible for the governance of fire and rescue alongside policing.

“The business case shows that this proposed change can improve joint working, making our emergency services more efficient with reinvestment of £10 million of financial benefits over 10 years in frontline services.

“Let me be clear – I am not interested in merger. We are talking about two distinct services, cultures, histories and traditions. That would not change. But a change of governance would offer our fire service operational and financial independence, improving transparency over how and where public money is spent and allowing us to do even more to make our communities even safer.

“I believe this is a better way of working for a safer Norfolk and I want to know what you think. Please visit my website – www.norfolk-pcc.gov.uk – by 5 September to find out more and have your say.”

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