I bet you are really fed-up with posts about dog poo!

But you are not as fed-up as the gentleman who cuts the footpath and play park. He has to wash the dog mess off the mower everytime he uses it.

Or the villagers who have to do the same with their footwear, buggies, bikes etc hopefully before they have carried it into their houses.

Not only is dog mess is an eyesore it is also a health hazard. The Dog Poo bin is easily accessible at the top of the footpath and if dog mess is left it’s then distributed all over the footpath by the mower.

You have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog messes in a public place.

Please, please take responsibility for your dog and ‘bag it and bin it’ either use the dog poo bins or take it home.

Two more bins are shortly to be installed at other ‘hot spots’ at The Covey and also by St Mary’s Church.

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