Red Box – it’s up to you

Following a village survey in 2016, a majority of residents wanted the Parish Council  to‘adopt’ the red telephone box by the pond. It was in a poor condition then.

Now the black base is no longer visible and the build up of soil has contributed to the decay of the wooden door. The box cannot be kept in a good state of repair without the commitment  of residents prepared to form a group to do so.

The Parish Council have already purchased paint but it is obvious that there is more work to do before it can be painted, and would like your opinion as to if you think it would be cost effective to proceed?

BT stipulates the contractors to use for repairs. SNDC provided a grant of £100 towards repairs which did not cover the cost of the paint. To give an indication of the immediate cost, to replace the door alone is £948.


Please tell us what you want

1 Retain and repair it?

2 Join a working party to maintain it?

3 What practical use could it be put to?

4 Hand it back to BT?   

Contact the Clerk on Tel: 01603 665341 or


Snail Mail: 4 Beeching Close Norwich NR1 2LF

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