Message from Julia Tovee-Galey regarding Parish Elections

Good Afternoon,

We are half way through the nomination period with quite a few parishes which we have not received any nominations. Please can I ask those planning to submit nominations to ensure they submit them as early as possible, as due to the new nominations forms there are some regular issues coming up which if submitted late may result in extra stress for candidates trying to make the amendments in time.

The issues tend to be the following

  1. wrong elector numbers, – If unsure please call 01508 533704
  2. not submitting the full Home address form which includes part 1 & 2. Part 2 needs to be submitted even if blank.
  3. Witness on the home address form and consent to nomination not being the same person, the witness does need to be the same person.

Nominations can be submitted between 9am and 4pm on working days until 4pm on the 3 April. This deadline can not be extended. We are providing informal checks are taken on submission prior to the formal submission, so if there are any errors they can be amended before submission.

I have attached the nomination pack should it be required. Also please see the Current election webpage with further information which you may find useful.

Best wishes


Julia Tovee-Galey
Electoral Services Manager

2519parishNomination-pack-incl-election-agent-notification-form-P-and-C (1)

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