Police Connect – Welcome to the June 2019 edition of the Norfolk Op Randall Rural Communities Newsletter.

It’s vitally important that we communicate with our rural communities and that you can share information and news with us too. While we cannot visit every single person, farm or rural business in the county,  we will be out and about across the county over the ensuing months, all of which will be advertised in the newsletter, so please do come along to one of these and meet us.

I’m very happy to attend local events, talk about this role and provide more information on the roles and responsibilities of the Op Randall Team.  Do get in touch if you’re planning an event and would like us to come along.

Many thanks,

DC Dave Armstrong.

Rural engagement event

On 23 May we held our second quarterly rural engagement event at Albanwise in Barton Bendish. The Chief Constable attended and gave an update on rural crimes and Norfolk Constabulary’s continued commitment to supporting rural communities. The event also played host to a Q&A session and local officers, beat managers, rural officers, drone officers, special constables, crime prevention officers and recruitment officers for the Special Constabulary were also in attendance. Businesses, partnership agencies and mental health charities also joined us.

It was great to see communities and businesses supporting the event and at a time when we were in a spell of good weather and during a busy farming schedule. Our next event will be 18 September 2019 and the last one of the year will take place on 18 December 2019. We’re currently finalising plans for our last two engagement events of the year, which will be held at different locations so we can make sure we’re reaching every community throughout the year.

Hare coursing

Even though the hare-coursing season has just ended, we are already looking at how we can be more effective in tackling this ongoing problem in Norfolk for next year, as well as at regional and national levels.

I attended a meeting in Grantham recently with a view to Norfolk being included in a national approach to tackling those people responsible for this crime. Thirteen other police forces attended along with the National Wildlife Crime Unit, Crown Prosecution Service and analytical support officers.

This national project is still in its early stages but there was a widespread consensus that displacement of those responsible for committing this crime, although good for the individual force which displaces the offender, only increased problems for other forces and didn’t stop the problem. It was clear that a new approach, which used all available tactics open to the police but with a greater emphasis on ongoing control measures and restrictions following an incident or court appearance, would need to be adopted.

Speaking of which, we’ve recently received 250 signs that we intend to install in areas that have experienced several crimes or been affected by hare coursing. Please let me know if you would be prepared for one of these signs to be displayed on your land. If you are happy to take part, I will be in touch and arrange for the sign to be delivered to you. We also hope that the location of each of the signs will be recorded using the what3words app which will then be incorporated into patrol patterns.


The “closed season” for course fishing, which runs from 15 March through to 15 June, is over. This includes rivers, streams, drains and waterways. There is no closed season on most enclosed stillwaters or canals and these can therefore be fished all year. However, if in doubt, please use the hyperlink – https://www.gov.uk/browse/environment-countryside/fishing-hunting that gives guidance on the closed season, which tackle can be used and what fish can be kept.  Regional byelaws apply to all waters in England, whether they are owned by angling clubs, local councils or private individuals. Owners may impose additional rules. but the byelaws still apply to their water. Remember you must have a valid rod licence (and carry it or face prosecution) to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel with a rod and line in England (except the River Tweed), Wales and the Border Esk region of Scotland.

Crime Prevention

As always prevention is better than cure. As we know there has been a recent upturn in the theft of satellite navigation systems from farm vehicles. This isn’t unique to Norfolk and has been seen both regionally and nationally. Many of these systems are accessed via PIN numbers, of course, but this unique identification system relies on us not disclosing the PIN number. This means it shouldn’t be written on the sun visor of the vehicle or stuck with tape on the dashboard. You wouldn’t (I hope) have your bank card’s PIN number stuck to the back of your card or in your wallet beside the card. It’s also a good idea to have a different PIN for each vehicle.

Please remember that criminals are always on the lookout for an easy target. As we know these systems are valuable and, if stolen, costly to replace.  Criminals talk to each other and a farm or business that is an easy target will quickly become known as such. This reputation will spread and could lead to future unwanted activity.

NFU meeting

On 11th June we held a meeting at Norfolk Police headquarters in Wymondham with senior Norfolk NFU representatives in order to discuss rural issues and concerns, new technology and the opportunity for us to work closer together. The meeting itself was very beneficial and it is hoped that these meetings will become a regular fixture in our calendars.

Royal Norfolk Show

I attended this year’s show together with colleagues from across the force and we welcomed many visitors to the Emergency Services’ Village. It’s always a good opportunity to meet people but if you couldn’t make it this year or didn’t stop off at the Emergency Services’ Village, and have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch.

Special Constabulary and Volunteers

As always regular officers continue to be supported by the Special Constabulary.

If anyone wants more information on the roles and duties of a Special Constable, you can contact Susan Goode 01953 425699 ext 2372.

However, if being a Special Constable isn’t for you, but you would like to support policing by volunteering your time, there are many other ways you can help.

We currently have more than 120 police volunteer staff who carry out a range of actives to support police to support our communities. Please speak to Susan Goode on 01953 425699 ext 2372 if this would be of interest to you.

In addition, there are more than 800 Community Speed Watch volunteers in Norfolk; would you like to set up a scheme in your area? If so, contact Marion Pointer 01603 276936.

Neighbourhood Watch is well established in Norfolk, but we are always keen to see new schemes. If you would like to set up a Neighbourhood Watch in your area, contact Sergeant Amanda Baker on 01953 425699 ext 4277.

Contact details 

All information is vital and can be passed on to us via 101 or by using either of the two Crimestoppers numbers – 0800 555 1111 or 0800 783 0137.

Information can also be passed directly to any officer or emailed to me at:


All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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