Love Norfolk Hate Litter?

Today a friend in the village sent me this photograph of litter she collected along Cross Lane. It totalled 30 Fosters cans and a coke can, many of which had been bagged in nappy sacks. It would suggest that the vast majority of the rubbish was deposited by a single individual, likely in a car.
Should you see anyone dropping similar litter please do make a note of the vehicle details as not only is littering an offence but I would also be concerned that the driver of the vehicle could be drink driving. Please feel free to let me know the information if you are not happy to report it yourself.
 Secondly the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk has recently backed the Love Norfolk Hate Litter campaign urging Norfolk residents to look after their local area and take any rubbish home with them. I think that is something we can all get on board with especially living so close to the waterways it is not unlikely that rubbish dropped in our community can end up polluting the wider area.
Many thanks
Rachel Hardingham
This information will be shared with Rockland St Mary’s Parish Clerk.

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