Tree Planting

I’m sure you will all be aware of the major benefits of tree planting as a means of combating climate change, protecting wild-life and rural heritage, and enhancing peoples’ well-being. Governments across the world have begun to heed the call for large-scale planting of trees and we urgently need to step up tree planting across England. It would be marvellous if Surlingham could do its bit to help. The South Norfolk Tree Warden Network are once again operating their tree planting scheme supplying free British native tree species saplings for approved planting schemes which enhance the landscape and bring public benefit, the costs being generously supported by Busseys.

I’m very interested to hear of suggestions for tree planting in and around the village and would need to submit an application on behalf of the parish by the end of September. The main conditions are that there must be public access to newly planted trees or they must be readily visible from a road or public footpath, and that landowners’ permission needs to be obtained in writing, and there needs to be a commitment both to planting the trees and maintaining them over the first few years. The deadline for submission of a planting scheme is the end of September with trees to be collected and planted in November. Further details are available on the South Norfolk Tree Warden Network web-site click here for access. Please use contact us with any proposals you may have by 21st September. Many thanks, Cathy Terry, Tree Warden for Surlingham

Information received from Cathy Terry

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