Surlingham Parish Council – Draft Minutes 17 December 2019


Minutes of the 17 December 2019

Present: Councillors Richard Atkins, William Mack, Philip Reeve, Pat Scowen, Michael Stiff, David Swinborne, Clerk Janet Rogers, District and County Councillor Vic Thomson and 1 member of the public

  1. Welcome by the Chairman – Councillor Scowen took the Chair
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – Councillor Broom
  3. Declarations of Interest- None
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 17 November 2019 – Approved
  5. Matters arising from the minutes;

Item 5 Bird guards Update MS – Guards have been fitted to one swing those for the nest swing have been purchased. The metal bin has been removed. It was requested that purchasing caps would protect post tops. Agreed (6). Clerk to order 12 caps to fit 6” posts.

Item 9 Footpath F1 Update RA – The outline solution is for an agreement for the permissive path between the landowner and the Parish Council. The Broads Authority (BA) can facilitate this and help with the BA certificate which is required before work can take place on the bank. This footpath is not to be associated with the ongoing discussions of the Wherryman’s Way.

Item 11 Play Park Equipment – Councillors asked for cost of replacement metal swings. The Councillors will meet at the park to see what work needs to be done and cost the materials. Thereafter a request for funding can be made to the Surlingham Combined Charities.

  1. Progress report for information on items not on the Agenda: Wherryman’s Way meeting 9 January 2019. There is to be a meeting at Surlingham Parish Hall chaired by Councillor Thomson of a presentation by Russell Wilson Senior Trails Officer, Norfolk County Council, on the work being completed on the Wherryman’s Way. The hall will be open from 7:00 for viewing of the display and there will also be the opportunity to ask questions. The meeting is open to residents of Bramerton, Rockland St Mary and Surlingham. Clerks report – SNDC asked for applications for free native tree whips. As a result, three Willow whips have been planted at the pond. The Parish Council thanks Yare Valley Gardeners for completing the planting. As an aside the telephone number on the Yare Valley sign at the pond needs updating (538357). Councillor Scowen reported that whips of native trees had also been planted on the boundary of the field by the Community Orchard and at St Saviours Flame skill – Serviced the extinguishers – 2 in Hall, 2 and a Fire blanket in Kitchen. Carbon Dioxide extinguisher on floor of chair store had not been checked since 2005. This was obsolete and removed. A new extinguisher has been installed in the servery. Energy Broker Utility Alliance had emailed quotes above what the SPC is currently paying. e.g.+2p on current day and +1p for eve. These brokers are vying for customers and trying to persuade a move to before the current contract expires in 2021. Please will Council agree to refuse to change energy broker. To date the Council has had no problems with the current brokers Indigo Swann and there are 15 months to run on the contract with SSE. Agreed (6). Reminder – Key cabinet has still not been installed.
  2. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor. Circulated separately.
  3. Public Question Time not exceeding 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting – There were none
  4. Authorise new SAMs post on The Green. Councillors refused this request on the basis that they did not feel it would change the behaviour of drivers’ who seem intent on breaking the speed limit. Action: Councillor Scowen will monitor the data from the various locations and will bring that information to the Parish Council. Agreed (6)
  5. Agree next steps re Broads Authority (BA) response to managing water flow at the Staithe. BA asked for clarification of what the Parish Council wanted to do. Contacts for NWT and the Environmental Agency are required. Action: Councillor Reeve to provide maps of the channels and dykes causing the flooding.
  6. Agree next steps re 1996 Maintenance Plan and current Botanists report for land at the Staithe. It was agreed to provide an outline of the initial ideas proposed to the residents for comment. This will be via the website and on noticeboards in the new year. There will be more detail, but includes a boat rack, a mown recreation area and the remainder left to ‘go wild’ to encourage wildflowers and plants to regrow. Councillor Reeve left during this item. Action: Councillor Scowen to provide details for circulation. Agreed (5)
  7. Maintenance Plan – Agree action (Clerk’s Annual Action Plan for information) As Councillor Broom did not attend this item held over to January 2020.
  8. Finance –
    1. To complete 2020/21 Precept application delayed until Chairman is available.
    2. To authorise payments/cheques – Salaries and expenses for Clerk Salary £295.95, Travel expenses £7.20, Household Allowance £15.15, Booking clerk/Cleaner £105, HMRC PAYE £222.00, Mr H Ferrey £99.00. Payments via Debit Card – Bird Spikes £20.99, Brackets for SAMs machine £5.38, Socket for SAMs brackets £3.20, Wood screws for bird spikes £3.79, Postage Stamps £4.20, Toilet roll holder £3.99, Office diary £2.49.
  9. Correspondence – For information only – Emails (40) circulated this period
  10. To note items for inclusion on the next council agenda

Footpath F1 – RA, Play Equipment – result of Playground Inspection by Parish Councillors, Litter pick, Maintenance Plan, Notice board Ferry Road.

  1. To confirm the date of the next meeting 21 January 2020

The meeting closed at 9:45p.m.

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