Bumping up Yare Valley Farm Shop Deliveries

In this ever changing climate we are trying to adapt best we can to suit your needs and to provide you with the most up to date info we can and home comforts/essentials.

The wonderful Team at Coldham Hall have given us some toilet rolls, so if you would like a roll with your order/delivery courtesy of them and of course at no charge just let us know

Winbirri Wine are now also on board and you can order wine direct to your door through us also.

Fresh veg coming in each Tues and Fri as well as eggs and milk each day currently. As per if you have any special requests to let us know. Thursday we have wholefoods coming in and are hoping they have pasta and flour so fingers crossed! We had more milk/oat milk, rice, oats etc in today and veg last night.

Open 8am-9pm every day, and for those self isolating and who need delivery place your order before 4pm and we will aim to get it to you next day. Ask us for anything you don’t see on the list in case we have it or can try to source it for you. Plus if you have anything else urgent please ask and we can see what we can do to help with anything else. The method we have set up means we can update things live as they happen on the order sheet to give you the most up to date info (link below)..

Tel: 01508 538206
Email: Info@yarevalleyoils.co.uk

Click the link below or go to http://www.yarevalley.com then to farm shop page and select the big red button, there is then tabs with all the info on shop procedure, how ordering works and then the actual order sheet with items and prices.

Direct link: https://www.yarevalley.com/farm-shop-delivery-service/

…Remember the Beast from the East? Here is a pic of you lovely people making the best of a tough situation and carrying on best we can. Always makes me smile.


Love from the farm x

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