Are you vulnerable or self-isolating from Covid-19?

Over 20 people in our Surlingham community have volunteered to help residents with things like posting mail, shopping, collection of medication or maybe you just need a friendly phone call.

We have 5 people (with a total of 9 numbers) who when called will contact the volunteers on your behalf and arrange for someone to call you back to discuss your requirements.

538148, 538234, 537133, 538334,

07582 305301, 07767 770477, 07548 233865, 07805 653994, 07775 690085

Residents can be assured of confidentiality and that any personal information either regarding health/medication or personal details divulged to a volunteer in the course of providing supplies or emotional support via the telephone, will remain between the resident and the volunteer and not shared with any other person.

The Rockland St Mary GP surgery has closed and all prescriptions will have to be collected from Heathgate. It would make sense if the volunteers were to collect all village prescriptions to reduce waiting times and minimise physical contact.

If you are able, please make friends and neighbours who are not on the internet, aware of this post.

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