Teles Patisserie – update

Once again we’d like to thank everyone that has been with us in the past weeks since our new reality began. Thank you for your kindness, words of appreciation and support. This is what makes us go on and to do more and better.

A lot have been asking about deliveries. So the answer is yes we are still doing free deliveries within 5 miles radius as well as helping others with their shopping or daily tasks that due to several reasons people can’t do. So if you need us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also we are delivering not only cakes, but bread, light meals and birthday cakes – it’s not because we are in lockdown that we can’t have a birthday cake 🍰:-)

As many of you know, we are trying to help the NHS as much as possible. So after delivering a lovely hamper to Heathgate Surgery, we are raising goodies to take to the Gunthorpe Ward at Norwich and Norfolk Hospital. And why? Because this ward takes care of patients with pulmonary and respiratory problems – specially those tested positive of Covid-19 and are going above and beyond trying to save lives. So we believe all our efforts should be with this ward now. If you have something you really don’t need, please drop it at the patisserie (if it’s on your daily walk path) or let us know and we will collect it. Every little helps, right?

Once again,

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