Yare Valley Farm Shop Fresh Beef update!

The beef has just arrived. We have lots and lots of joints, steaks, mince (much of the mince will go straight to freezer) cuts etc. We also have lots of fruit and veg to go with it. As well as some lovely lobster in the freezer today and smoked salmon etc.

We just need to sort it all out and we are awaiting the arrival of a new fridge today to display it in for you. And as that infamous law goes, I am sure there will be niggles so we just ask if you wait until around 6pm onward tonight before coming to get so we can get it all as ready as possible for you.

This will be the most stocked across a wide range of provisions we have ever been, and whilst the demmand is there, we will continue to keep you topped up with these essentials.

We are open until 9pm every day and from 8am every day.


Tomorrow is more fish and kitchen cupboard essentials.

Friday will be more eggs and more fruit and veg and more milk. You may have noticed that the eggs are currently in plastic trays. This should only be temporary. They are still from Wayland Eggs which is the same supplier as usual and still the same cost, but they have said they are all they can get a the moment with demand being so high, but assures us they are fully recyclable.


Should be lots more flour in from Thurs eve too.


Kindest regards from the farm.


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