Surlingham Parish Council – Thank You

The Parish Council would like to show its appreciation and thanks on behalf of the residents of Surlingham who have and continue to receive support from Surlingham’s Volunteers.

Sarah Broom with Clive Evans as her ‘wing man’ have organised a band of approximately 40 volunteers supporting those either in isolation or for whatever reason are no longer able to get to the shops or the surgery.

You will all be aware of the leaflets that have been delivered to every household advising that a volunteer is a telephone call away for shopping, collecting medication etc or just to talk.

It was clear from listening to Sarah that there is a great need for the volunteers to take the time to have a word with people who no longer have the opportunity for face to face conversation.

So, it is a big thank you Sarah, Clive, and all of the volunteers you are our Local Heros

Something we should all consider is to know your neighbours. That wave as you pass by or a quick chat about the weather or the garden, over the fence or garden gate can make the world of difference to someone who may not have the opportunity to communicate with anyone from one day to the next.

Remember Always follow social distancing by keeping 2 meters apart

With Local Heros in mind – thank you to all the businesses in the village who have revised the way we can access their services to keep us safe as well as providing home delivery.

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