Bag it and Bin it but …………….

Yes, it is time for a reminder to dog walkers to pick up after their pets. As usual the footpath to the play park seems to be a popular location for this thoughtless practice.

There are three bins for dog waste one at the end of the footpath on New Road and others in The Covey and at St Marys Church. Please use them or take it home.

Now the but…..

The play park remains closed as part of the Corvid 19 lockdown. A good thing given HUMAN EXCREMENT AND TISSUES have been left there.

How irresponsible why anywhere but especially why the entrance to the play park?

A prank or someone trying to make a point – Not smart or clever on any level

It is fortunate the park is closed as the potential risk of infection can only be imagined.

This with the dog mess has been dealt with by someone who cares.

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