Rockland St Mary Surgery – Reopening

Message from Gary Whitibg, Managing Partner, to the Clerk at Rockland St Mary with Hellington Parish Council

“With this weeks Government announcement on ‘shielding patients’, we have just discussed the re-opening of Rockland St Mary Surgery at our weekly Business Partners Meeting this very morning.

As I explained in my previous communication, whilst we have been closed to the general public, we have been seeing invited ‘shielding patients’ at Rockland St Mary Surgery to ensure we play our part in managing their health, protecting them and other members of the community from Covid-19. You will recall ‘shielding patients’ are the most vulnerable of our registered patients.

The new Government and NHS England advice for shielding patients this week, confirms the ‘shielding’ programme ends on 31st July with the 2.2M patients shielding nationally able to return to work (providing it is Covid secure), go outside, food shop and to places of worship, but to remain cautious at all times as they remain at high risk of severe illness if they catch the virus.

On the basis that the shielding programme ends on 31st July, we will be re-opening Rockland St Mary Surgery from Monday 3rd August.

The national instruction for GP Surgeries is to still manage patients initially by telephone triage and then offer those who need to be seen, a face to face appointment at the Practice. Our staff have been working to this protocol since early April and we are working towards a ‘new normal’, respecting the safety advice from NHSE England, the Government and Public Health England, to ensure our patients and staff remain safe.

Patients will be able to collect their medications again from Rockland St Mary Surgery from 3rd August but from a hatch rather than from entering the building and all patients that enter will be screened with the now usual four symptom questions. There will be new signage about this.

The good news then is that Rockland St Mary Surgery will be opening from Monday 3rd August but working on the same principle as patients have been used to experiencing when they have been in touch with us in Poringland over the past few weeks.

We will be promoting this change with patients over the next few weeks as they visit us in Poringland.”

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