Today’s service, Happy Hour and church opening update

Dear all,
We hope your day is going well. We haven’t filmed a service for today as we were on leave last week, but have attached a service with prayers, a reading and reflection that you’re welcome to use. Click june2820rockben20.pdf

The last few days have seen a significant easing of some of the constraints of the current lockdown situation. Although the virus is still very present in our country, it is now felt to be safe and appropriate to move to a more relaxed stage of management.

Regarding the use of Church buildings, the first step has been the agreement that these can be opened for private prayer. We have begun cautiously to open for a few hours each week with careful cleaning and management. Surlingham has opened this week and we plan to open Rockland Church in the days ahead. This week we have received the welcome news that acts of public worship can begin again inside our buildings from July 5th . This is a significant and very exciting development for our community. We await guidance from the Government and the Diocese of Norwich as to how this can safely be started.

When we do move to the next step, it will be important to acknowledge not only the variety of worship we have engaged in during lockdown, but also people who have joined us for online services and will not yet feel able to present within our buildings. It is important that we continue to offer an online presence via YouTube and Zoom and remain connected in a variety of ways.

Throughout all of this, we’re mindful that we are at a very early stage of our time here, which is naturally a time of exploration and expressing ministry in new ways. There is a lot to think and pray about, and we need to remain in communication with each other about all of this as new information is shared.

Perhaps you could help us by being in touch and responding to the following questions:
What has been helpful in worship during lockdown?( perhaps consider the variety and location of worship videos, brevity of sermon!, use of different media, printed order of service..any other resources/ practices you have found helpful.)
What have you missed most?
What feels most important about the next stage of worship for you?
How do you feel about attending worship in Church buildings at this time?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
You’re welcome to send your responses by e-mail to us here.

Later today, we warmly invite you to join us for Zoom Happy Hour at 5pm.

Today’s theme will be The call of Peter and Paul. To join the meeting; click here or join Meeting ID: 838 5558 8541
Password: 648563

Best wishes,
Helen and Nick
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