Surlingham Staithe – Update on Progress

The Parish Council wanted to update you on the progress so far at the Staithe.

Canoe racks are in the process of being installed constructed of recycled plastic pipes. An ingenious idea of Councillor Reeve’s. The racks will be maintenance free and the pipes make it easy to slide canoes in and out.

Many owners have come forward to identify their craft which have been numbered and owners contact details logged. If any craft remain unidentified decisions will be made regarding sale/disposal depending on condition.

The access path continues to be mown and the areas either side left to rewild.

More racks will follow as supplies of pipes are made available as will the picnic table.

Towards the end of the summer the fallen tree will be removed and the dyke between the staithe and the land to the east will be reinstated. While many may agree the tree looks rather attractive it is a hazard to canoes and blocks the view from the staithe. Removal avoids the chance of it sinking lower and blocking the staithe completely.

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