CycSpresso has arrived in Surlingham

You may have been fortunate enough to sample the free coffee and brownies that were provided to enthusiastic customers on 1st January 2021! It provided a welcome intervention to those trying to shake off 2020 – the sight of Neil Robertson stood at Ferry Corner with his electric coffee trike brewing, I’m led to believe, “some of the finest coffee in Norfolk or, if not, almost certainly Surlingham”, was hard to pass by.

Neil said “Cycpresso has been a project that has combined my love of cycling and coffee. The original tricycle delivered ice cream around the cobbled streets of Cambridge ten years ago. I bought it a couple of years ago and have designed and built it up since then. However, the weight of the coffee making equipment made cycling Cycspresso difficult, so I decided to add an electric motor. It then became important to develop the ‘green’ credentials of the trike so not to be reliant on the usual diesel generator for power. So, with a little help from my friends (Phil Reeve!), Surlingham’s first ever E-Barista project has arrived – an electric powered tricycle, providing quality coffee from fresh (ethically sourced) beans to your doorstep!”

To make it all the more inviting, Neil provided free homemade brownies with each cup!

And what next for CycSpresso?

Neil said “ The feedback from the first outing was great! People said it brought a much-needed smile and provided an opportunity for people to stand and talk whilst drinking, what I hope, was a really good coffee”.

“Obviously conditions have now changed with lock-down. However, as a take- away service, I would love to be able to keep the momentum going. It’s a small project and I’d really welcome people’s feedback and ideas. So the plan is to take CycSpresso around the village at weekends for a few hours, (weather permitting), a time when people may want to grab a coffee to keep warm whilst out enjoying a socially distanced walk”.

Neil said; “ I have a Facebook and Instagram page and would welcome any suggestions that people may have. I’m planning to start my E-coffee round on Sunday 16th. Free coffees and brownies (observant of guidelines) for the village! Keep an eye on Facebook for times and places where I’ll be around Surlingham. If you want a direct delivery to your door then please drop me a message!”

Watch this space! Good luck Neil!

Facebook/ Instagram – @CycSpresso.

Thank you

Information supplied by Liz Robertson
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