Surlingham Parish Council – Virtual Public Meeting 2nd February 2021 7:30

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Concerns were raised at the last Parish Council meeting regarding two important issues – flooding, and the current spate of antisocial behaviour, with the focus on a possible Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Following councillors’ discussions, it was agreed that a public meeting should be arranged to discuss the best way to address these issues. 

The first 45 minutes of the meeting will be available for discussion on Flooding and the period from approximately 8.15 – 9.00 will be for discussion on a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.


It is apparent that while the various agencies of Norfolk County Council, Broads Authority, Anglian Water and Environment Agency all have a certain level of responsibility in the event of a flooding emergency, help from these agencies may not be available as speedily as is necessary if the flooding event is very widespread throughout East Anglia.  Our local community needs to take whatever action is practical to assist residents in such circumstances.

To that end, the meeting will enable residents to identify the problems and hopefully find some solutions. The Parish Council will write an Emergency Plan which clarifies who to contact for help in an emergency and lists volunteers with the required expertise and/or equipment who are willing to be called upon to help in such circumstances.  To give a specific example, the Emergency Plan will enable us to obtain a supply of sandbags when a flooding event is expected; the Plan will also give details of where in the village these are located so residents in need of them know where to go to collect them.

Prior to the meeting could resident’s with particular flooding issues email a summary of the details to

 Neighbourhood Watch 

Residents have voiced concerns about the increase in antisocial behaviour, thefts, roadblocks, and destruction of property. Is there enough support for a community led Neighbourhood Watch scheme? It is hoped that a representative from a local neighbourhood watch scheme will attend the meeting to help answer any questions. 

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