Road Safety in Surlingham.

The Council is aware there are concerns about speeding in the village and would like to be clear these are always taken seriously; it is the Council’s ‘Powers’ that limit the action that can be taken. Road safety is in the realm of Norfolk County Council and the Department for Transport. 

Residents asked Councillors to explore the following traffic calming measures. Village Gates, Speed humps or chicanes, ‘SLOW’ painted on the road and a Speed-watch Group. With regard to the first three measures Surlingham does not fit NCC’s criteria. A speed-watch group deemed to be the most effective measure, failed to attract sufficient volunteers. 

Ferry Road does not meet the criteria for 30mph due to not enough dwellings in a given distance, so it remains the most dangerous road in the village with the national speed limit of 60mph despite the road being narrow with poor visibility, no footpaths, or verges. Similarly, Surlingham Lane a straight road, fast traffic, particularly dangerous for parents walking children to and from school, again no footpaths and high verges this also does not meet the criteria.  

Comparably, The Green despite speeding vehicles remains the safest road as there are wide verges to walk on to avoid traffic, visibility is good and has a speed limit of 30mph. 

The Parish Council has achieved an extension of the 30mph limit on the Bramerton road as it comes into the village. NCC has the work scheduled.  This leaves the wheelie bin stickers, ‘slow down’ signs designed by the school children at locations agreed by NCC, and the SAMs machine, also locations agreed by NCC, which are within the Council’s ‘Powers’.

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