Parish Council – Draft Minutes 21 September 2021

Minutes of the meeting held on 21 September 2021

Present: Councillors Richard Atkins, John Broom, Phil Reeve, Pat Scowen and Dave Swinborne. Janet Rogers Parish Clerk and three members of the public

  1. Welcome by the Chairman Councillor Broom
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – The Chair noted councillors Mack and Neave had tendered in their resignations. The Chair moved to record a vote of thanks Seconded by Councillor Scowen and carried unanimously. Action: Clerk to inform Will and Craig
  3. Declarations of Interest – None
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 20 July 2021 – Agreed
  5. Matters arising from those minutes – Sandbags require collection from The Water’s Edge Bramerton. Action JB Ivy to be cleared from outside the parish hall – Action JB
  6. Progress report for information on items not on the agenda: Councillors/Clerk – Clerk – following the resignation of Councillor Neave will the extraordinary meeting to discuss the Emergency Plan on 28 September 2021 still go ahead? Action: Defer to next meeting PS/Clerk to discuss. Training NALC Online training 24/09/2021 – Parish Councils and Charities. 30/09/2021 Charity Commissions AGM. School Field NCC have refused to recognise the Parish Councils agreement from the early seventies and have passed the responsibility to Sapientia. Councillor Vic Thomson has been informed. Councillors would like to challenge NCC’s decision. Action: Clerk to contact NALC re legal support and Sapientia for their contact at NCC. Councillor Scowen – Gave an update on the community orchard. The group that manages the orchard are going to sow yellow rattle to try to suppress the grass and encourage wildflowers. Councillor Atkins – After meeting with the NCC Trails Team who agreed to improve the footpath by the RSPB reserve. No work has taken place. The path now floods twice a day. Action: RA to draft letter to Trails Team for the Clerk. A further application has been submitted for funding to reinstate the footpath between Bramerton to where Surlingham Footpath 1 meets Footpath 3 the outcome will be known in November.
  7. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor – Not received
  8. Public Question Time 15 minutes unless directed by the chair of the meeting. When work will start on the boardwalk and why is it going to take 6 months? Action: Clerk to ask NCC Trails Team. The Staithe is very overgrown – Action: Councillor Atkins to investigate with a view to getting a working party together. Councillor Reeve remarked there are 40 kayaks stored there and some owners would be willing to help
  9. Approve Parish Hall – Electrical repairs. Approved disconnection of damaged wall heater in hall, install RCD protection and certificates for minor works, emergency lighting and fire detection. Action: Clerk to notify Orange Fox Ltd. Councillor Swinborne to replace broken air vent.
  10. SAMs – Report Bramerton Road – Councillors agreed this is satisfactory
  11. Plan Covid Memorial Token presentation – A token in the form of a plaque will be presented to the village to recognise the work of the community during the pandemic. Action: Councillor Scowen and Mrs Sarah Broom to plan this event.
  12. Discuss clearance/maintenance of dykes on and bordering marshes – In a bid to alleviate flooding Councillor Scowen asked if the council would write to all residents and landowners to ask that they maintain the ditches and dykes that they are responsible for? Agreed. Action: PS to draft letter.
  13. Staithe – Maintenance – When work to clear the dyke is planned the landowner on the opposite side asked to be notified so he could be present. Action: Councillor Broom to arrange a date
  14. Village Fete – Lead? – This item held over to the next meeting.
  15. Planning Application – 2021/1946 Applicant: Mr Nick Mann, Oak Lodge, Mill Road, Surlingham NR14 7AF Proposal: Erection of oak framed two bay cart lodge. Supported
  16. Finance – Publication of conclusion of Audit – PKF Littlejohn LLP the external auditor has approved the accounts, and these are on the website and noticeboard. Payments: R Hardingham 4 126.67, J Rogers £383.90, Orange Fox £769.20, Hollinger Print £40, PKF Littlejohn £240, HMRC £251.20. Zoom £14.39. Payments via debit card: Ink Cartridges £9.48, key cutting £7, Toilet Paper £36.00, Rolls of Blue tissue £7.55, PPE Recycling box £50, writing pad £3.00 Approved
  17. Correspondence – Litter Pick – Action; Councillor Atkins to take the lead. Clerk to notify SNDC Surlingham will take part but not within their timescales. Due to vegetation on the riverbank litter picking takes place in the Spring.
  18. Date of next meeting 19 October 2021
  19. A resolution to exclude the public and press from item 20 because their presence would be prejudicial to the public interest due to the confidential nature (Public Bodies Admission to meetings Act 1960)
  20. Clerks Salary review following annual appraisal – The Chair moved for a vote of thanks, seconded by Councillor Scowen thanking the Clerk for her work over the past year – Carried. Councillors approved an increase of one hour per month from September 2021 to cover the work of the Church & Poor Charity, and the payment of an honorarium in view of the volume of work already completed.

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