More trees for Surlingham??

Many of you will have heard of the 1 Million Trees for Norfolk initiative, launched in by Norfolk County Council in November 2020. The scheme draws down funding sufficient to plant a tree for every single Norfolk resident over five years! Trees are wonderful! Not only do they enrich the landscape and provide a safe habitat for wildlife, they help to help counter climate change by reducing carbon. Tree planting will benefit biodiversity, contribute to wellbeing and help meet the county’s target of net zero carbon by 2030. Find out how here:

A new phase of the scheme has allocated funding to each Norfolk County Councillors to make available free packs for small tree planting projects for community groups of all types and parish councils.

We have some lovely trees in Surlingham but it would be great to continue to add young trees to enrich the parish’s stock. If you’d like to get involved and have a patch of land which you think would be suitable and benefit from tree planting, take a look here: Councillor community free tree pack scheme – Norfolk County Council

Then please get in touch with Cathy Terry, Tree Warden for Surlingham on01508 538298 by 15 October. I will be happy to discuss your plans and help you submit your scheme to our local councillor, Cllr. Vic Thompson.

Many thanks.

Information received from Cathy Terry

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